Primal Rage II Prototype Finds A Home At Galloping Ghost Arcade

arcadehero June 23, 2014 9
Primal Rage II Prototype Finds A Home At Galloping Ghost Arcade

(Thanks to those that sent this in)

We’ve mentioned a few times when prototypes have found their way to a location but it isn’t the kind of news that we hear about all of the time.  When it comes to rarity, prototypes are generally the rarest of the rare so getting your hands on them is a bit of a challenge if you are so inclined. For one to find a home in a commercial location is also going to be a little more rare considering that not all proto’s may be fully functional or functional enough to require any payment for.

News came along this weekend that Galloping Ghost Arcade, located in Brookfield, IL, has obtained a Primal Rage II prototype board. Only 2 exist that made it far enough along to reach a playable state, the game allowed players to switch between the human and animal forms but that wasn’t enough to interest players back when the market was flooded with fighting games. Here is the introduction video for it at Galloping Ghost, followed by a 20 min long video on Youtube that gets into Primal Rage II’s history. IT’s a little long but breaks the prototype down pretty well


So what kind of prototype games would you love to get a chance to play at some point?


  1. David L. July 1, 2014 at 5:47 pm - Reply

    Magician Lord 2… I heard there may have been a prototype of sorts.

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