The New Courses of Incredible Technologies’ Golden Tee 2015 LIVE

arcadehero August 1, 2014 0
The New Courses of Incredible Technologies’ Golden Tee 2015 LIVE

The time is approaching for Incredible Technologies to launch the latest major update to their keystone arcade game, Golden Tee and here are the five new courses that will be added to the game. Golden Tee is quite popular as a home game (not on home consoles – non-coin arcade cabinets that are sold into homes) and as usual the updates will be launched for the commercial-only  LIVE version first, with the home version coming a few months later. Golden Tee 2015 LIVE will be released next month in September.

Before we get to the courses, one new feature to be added to the game is something called King of the Hill, which will introduce a competitive mode of a top player for others to try and beat and become King of the Hill themselves:

With the 2014 update they also gave the game its first hardware update in a few years, particularly with the graphics card so that the game now supports 1080p resolution. 2014 had the game up to 45 courses, with these five the game will reach 50 selectable courses to play. I’m surprised they haven’t given the game a subtitle of “World Tour” already given the

One nice thing about this game series from an operator perspective is that it sells around the $4000 range (where the average price of most new games lands in the $7000-$8000 range) although it is far more common to find in bars with arcade games than in video arcades or redemption-centric venues. The game will continue to offer the online features and it was the first to give us the idea of the “add your own monitor to the cabinet” design.

On a final thought, I am wondering what else IT has cooking. Golden Tee continues to be their bread and butter, the last non-Golden Tee game they release was Powerputt 2013 LIVE but I have not heard of updates for that or their other popular sports game Silver Strike Bowling. Of course it would be great to see something completely new but I imagine they won’t need to go in such a direction with Golden Tee still doing well.

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