New Arcade Venue: Retrocade in Seaside Heights, NJ + Arcade Brewery Connects With Logan Arcade

arcadehero August 12, 2014 0

Right before posting today I got a phone call from a reporter at ABC News who was doing a story about “the decline of the arcade over the past 10 years”. I don’t know who she had talked to or what she had read prior but of course I have to disagree with the idea, as all of you have have read the site over the years know. I wasn’t able to spend a lot time to get into detail about it unfortunately but then again I can end up talking a lot about arcades to the point of nausea for the other party 😛

So I thought it an interesting coincidence I caught wind of this story today. A new classic arcade venue has opened their doors at the popular Seaside Heights boardwalk in New Jersey by the name of Retrocade. It appears that they just opened this week and for the game selection they have: Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Robotron 2084, Centipede, Asteroids, Zaxxon, The Simpsons,  Donkey Kong, Frogger, Mr. Do!, Track & Field, Street Fighter II, Congo Bongo,  a Roller Coaster Tycoon Pinball, a Data East Time Machine pinball and a few more games. It is not a giant venue, my guess from the picture is maybe about 800 sq. ft? They charge for entry as opposed to quarters but finding themselves on a busy pier hopefully means strong business. If you are in the area, go check them out and give them some monetary support!

[Seaside Retrocade Facebook page]


For the next story, this was sent in by Marko M. of SOS Services. At first I thought it was a new bar/arcade venue opening their doors but it turns out they are a brewery by the name of Arcade Brewery. They will be introducing their drafts at Logan Arcade venue in IL “next month” so if that is your thing, you will know where to find them. We discussed the Logan Arcade venue previously on Arcade Heroes here.



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