New Arcade Trailers: Power Truck Special; NEON FM Multiplayer & Lost Land Adventure English Version

arcadehero August 26, 2014 4

We are slowly inching our way to IAAPA 2014, which is when we expect more news about new games to share. I actually am sitting on the stories of two brand new games as I know the names and some very minor details about them but I don’t have any media on them or enough details to go to town. I also am still waiting on some footage to launch my “Coming Soon” trailer. Patience…patience 😉

Today we do have three new videos to share. First is something that was unexpected – a follow up to Power Truck by IGS called Power Truck Special. The original Power Truck showed up out of the blue at IAAPA 2011 as one of the feature games to grace the Wahlap booth. It was a cool game – the cabinet (shown below) was rather large and it featured an 18-wheeler style steering wheel and clutch. The sound system in the cabinet was amazing, it was step-up from most of the current racers on the market. Given how it produced sound driven force feedback in the seat, it reminded me of the sound system in San Fransisco Rush 2049.  The main issue was the price but where most games are headed towards FEC style and pricing, perhaps the time is ripe for it once again. In this trailer it shows that there are a variety of new vehicles joining the game, such as a double decker bus; the transforming aspect of when you get a power-up was present in the original. Because of the filter used in the video it is difficult to tell if this will be any different from the original game graphically and it is not stated whether or not this will be available as a kit to upgrade the few existing Power Truck cabinets out there.


The first cabinet for Power Truck. It is unknown what the Power Truck S cabinet will look like at this time.


Next up from the new rhythm arcade game that was launched earlier this year, NEON FM by US company Unit-e Technologies. They have rolled out support for multiplayer functionality on the game, which they had mentioned as being possible when I first heard about NEON FM. They have been keeping the existing units up-to-date with consistent song additions since they launched back in March. Here is a multiplayer demo of the game setup at Save Point in Westminster, MD. It is always impressive to watch rhythm games being played like this when the players have equivalent skill at the game. Although I doubt that synchronized rhythm gaming will become an Olympic sport anytime soon.

Up next is something familiar from Bandai Namco on a game we found out about sometime ago, Lost Land Adventure. The difference in this trailer from the Japanese one posted not long ago is that it is translated into English and they show it using a PIN pad save system as opposed to the Banapassport Online system. Otherwise all of the cheesiness from that previous trailer remains intact.


  1. Arcades4ever August 27, 2014 at 10:15 am - Reply

    I wonder if the lost land uses the pin system similar to dead heat in that it not only remembers your profile but you get extra nitro power to go faster. Any idea how heavy the guns are as I bet it be fun to play with two guns at ones.
    Can’t wait to play this 🙂

  2. Seth Eldridge August 28, 2014 at 1:30 pm - Reply

    I’m surprised I haven’t seen Neon FM at any arcades yet. I would think Dave and Buster’s would get some cabs.

    • Arcades4ever August 28, 2014 at 3:03 pm - Reply

      Well I’ve not come across it in the uk. The last music game I can think of I last saw was DDR 2010. There ought to be a music game out west though as I’m coming across more and more racers than before.

      • arcadehero August 28, 2014 at 3:15 pm - Reply

        I haven’t heard of them getting international distribution yet. I know ReRave Plus has a distributor in the UK but I think Unit-E is still seeking distributors out.

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