Medieval Madness Remake Gets A Trailer

arcadehero September 11, 2014 0
Medieval Madness Remake Gets A Trailer

We’ve known about the Medieval Madness remake for quite some time now. Last big news about it was that Chicago Gaming Company was using Stern’s factory to partially build some of the units. It looks like the remake is just around the corner now as this professionally made trailer for the game shows. In this video, famous pinball wizard, designer and advocate Roger Sharpe explains what it is about this game that makes it a classic. About half-way through, this video changes gears to discuss the improvements to the game, including the special LEDs which were made to mimic incandescent bulbs and the ColorDMD display.

Here is a link to the web address they mention at the end of the video. While there is no release date yet, it sounds like it is very close as this cabinet shown in the video is one of the pre-production models. That webpage also mentions that the game will be hitting some location tests soon. I imagine it will be available just in time for the holidays. What I am curious to know however, is how many venues will pick one up. While this is being targeted towards collectors, I have to imagine that it could do well on location given the name and quality of the game. What are your thoughts about it?

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