Newsbag: BBH World Championships; Plan Zero Arcade; Fishbowl Frenzy; Ghosts ‘n DJs; NTG#21

arcadehero October 25, 2014 4
Newsbag: BBH World Championships; Plan Zero Arcade; Fishbowl Frenzy; Ghosts ‘n DJs; NTG#21

Happy weekend once again everyone! We’re inching closer and closer to IAAPA and with that I am finally getting the “Coming Soon” video completed that I had promised back around E3. It is one of those things where I would rather wait to get some footage as opposed to going with what was available (which in June/July wasn’t very much really). I’m just waiting on a couple of clips of Sega Showdown and something Raw Thrills will have at IAAPA.

In the meantime, our bag of news is here, first off with the Big Buck World Championships that wrapped up this afternoon with Derek Tower becoming the new 2014 Big Buck Champion. Congrats to him on that achievement! The Twitch stream was here if you were interested (it could have done without the guy saying “MAKE SOME NOISE” every 10 seconds though). For the Ladies Tournament which took place yesterday, Sara Erlandson has swept up once again on that competition, congrats to her on that as well. On a tangent, I find it fascinating out people can get better at some games like these while slightly buzzed or maybe intoxicated. As a friend of mine explained it to me, he had a friend who was much better at Virtua Fighter while drunk, it just did something to that muscle memory. Anyways, congrats to those who walked away with cash, Big Buck/Play Mechanix certainly holds the top spot for providing the biggest arcade competition in the world.

Also they have a new upgrade but I haven’t seen any details of it yet. I noticed during the brief moments that I watched the live stream that it had some units with a Big Buck Girl in a cavewoman outfit. Not sure what that is about yet but I will find out!





In new arcade venue news, a video arcade is opening their doors tonight in my backyard – Plan Zero Arcade in Provo, UT. Unfortunately I can’t find any pics or a list of games for it yet, aside from one showing a pair of Japanese Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited machines so I may bring this up again when I have more info. Here is their Facebook page if you are interested in following them.

Yesterday I was sent a lot of media by Team Play Inc. for their new videmption game Fishbowl Frenzy. According to TPI, they are receiving a “virtual flood of pre-orders” on the game and the location test earnings are “outstanding”.  The basic idea is pretty simple and has been done before (drop the ball in between the pegs to land in the spot with the jackpots) but the fishbowls and the pegs come straight out of the screen so this is more of an Augmented Reality game than other videmption tend to be. This will be at IAAPA where Team Play is anticipating that it will be their top item and it will be alongside a new version of their photobooth. Here is the Press Release in DOC format if interested.


This isn’t strictly arcade related but I was sent a link to this Kickstarter called Ghost ‘n Djs which is an indie game that is parodying a Capcom arcade classic, Ghosts ‘n Goblins. They are still $40k short of their goal but with 36 days left a lot can happen. Thanks to Daniel Del Rey on Twitter for the tip.

Name That Game – October is almost over and with it our focus on horror games will be coming to a close, for now. Last week’s answers:

#1: Nightmare In The Dark by Gavaking/Eleven

#2: Zombie Raid by Sammy

#3: Esh’s Aurunmilla by Funai

For this week:






  1. masterLEON October 25, 2014 at 9:35 pm - Reply

    Mad props to the Big Buck community, who are some of the most dedicated, skilled, and altogether awesome group of gamers out there! And congrats to Sara and Derek!

    #1 is CarnEvil

    #2 is Konami’s Crypt Killer

    I’m at a loss for #3.

  2. Federico Read October 26, 2014 at 5:03 am - Reply

    The new update they’re putting on Big Buck HD includes some new Adventures. They’re going to be adding Bighorn Sheep, Gemsbok, & Irish Elk, a new animal to the series. Irish Elk are extinct, which is probably why that girl has a caveman outfit. They also have an upcoming zombie adventure along with all this. This will be out next year because I learned this from the live stream.

    • arcadehero October 27, 2014 at 2:18 pm - Reply

      Thanks for the info Federico. I only had a chance to watch the very end of the livestream and missed those details. It is about time, everyone was expecting new animals a bit sooner – better late than never!

  3. Azrial October 26, 2014 at 7:54 am - Reply

    3 is Phelios

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