Victory Pointe Gaming Lounge Coming to Pittsburgh, PA In December

arcadehero November 17, 2014 2

While most news this week will focus on IAAPA, there are other news developments taking place such as new arcade venues opening their doors soon. I received this in my email today so I figured it is best to get to it before all my time is spent on editing pictures and video. On the first weekend of December, the 5th and 6th, a new arcade venue will open its doors in Pittsburgh, PA by the name of Victory Pointe Gaming Lounge. As the gaming lounge part suggests, they will feature more than arcade games, which will include console gaming, board gaming and a café.


How they are organizing the arcade however is a little different. One area will be dedicated to the token-operated arcade games, which will be newer content like Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (a pair), Aliens: Armageddon, Transformers: Human Alliance (deluxe sitdown), BATMAN (a pair), an older X-MEN 6 player as well as pinball machines like The Walking Dead LE, Wizard of Oz, X-Men LE, The Addams Family, Old Chicago and Hollywood Pinball. Then they will have a freeplay area dedicated to a larger group of games which includes: Alien Vs. Predator, BattleToads,  two of the Vampire Savior games, Mortal Kombat 2 and Ultimate 3, Super Street Fighter 2X, Street Fighter II: 3rd Strike, Final Fight, Garou Mark of the Wolves, Espgaluda, The Simpsons Arcade, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Crazy Taxi, Rockman 2: The Power Fighters,  Punch Out, Point Blank 3, 19XX and more.


We wish them the best of luck in the new business and if you happen to be in the area, drop by and give them some support!

[Victory Pointe Website] [Victory Pointe Facebook]



  1. CD ageS November 18, 2014 at 3:39 pm - Reply

    Their selection sound hardcore! This place looks promising.

  2. Jdevy01 November 18, 2014 at 5:29 pm - Reply

    That arcade place seems pretty promising…

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