Stern WWE WrestleMania Pinball Behind-The-Scenes & Launch Parties

arcadehero February 9, 2015 0

Stern’s latest pinball table, WWE WrestleMania Pinball is upon us and with that a ramp up on the marketing for the game. First off, this new behind-the-scenes video, which dabbles a little bit with the making of portions but for the most part it explains how to play it along with the unique features of the game. The ramp bumpers as well as the ring slammers are cool features, it is always nice when you see designers thinking outside of the box a little to do things that even if they have been done before, feel fresh since they haven’t been done in a very long time. I’m surprised they didn’t show the LE’s LCD screen that sits above the ring, I suppose they want people to be surprised when they see one out in the wild, although LEs generally end up with collectors.

To find a WWE machine, tracking locations is always a challenge however Stern has announced numerous launch parties around the US (plus a couple of locations in Canada) where you can find the game starting next Sunday and through the next few weeks. I imagine that any location that likes to keep up to date on the latest tables that hit the market will also be grabbing one so check with your local pinball venue just in case.


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