JAEPO 2015 Begins: The Latest On Arcades In Japan (Part 1)

arcadehero February 13, 2015 3

The biggest Japanese arcade trade show of the year is upon us once again, here is a collection of the various announcements and happenings from the JAEPO 2015 event in Tokyo:

(Update: Part 2 is here)

Bandai Namco

Harada looking thrilled as he dons a Pikachu suit. They have announced that Pokkén Tournament will be hitting Japanese arcades this summer. They brought a little crowd of cabinets, anticipating a strong turnout. Via Famitsu



Here is Star Wars Battle Pod in Japan:


Tekken 7 – Dengeki Online has information on the new character Lucky Chloe, who is useful for beginners. Famitsu has an interview with Harada which covers both Pokkén and Tekken 7


Namco also has Raw Thrills’ Jurassic Park motion version over there. At IAAPA everyone kept saying that the motion cabinet was going to change dramatically but it looks exactly the same to me  just a few weeks away from when it is supposed to be in production.


Synchronica – Their new touchscreen music game that has two monitors, via AM-NET


Square Enix/Taito

School of Ragnarok – This 1v1 fantasy battle arena game (kind of like a fighter but not exactly) is also going to starting on the location test circuit.  Pic via AM-Net


Wizrouge – Labyrinth of Wizardy – Continuing the fantasy/RPG themed trend, this is the new mobile-to-arcade conversion from Taito. The arcade cabinet was an unplayable mock-up, visitors could enjoy the Android version on tablets in the meantime. There are some cross-platform features between the two where you can use the smartphone version to train your characters and store items, but the arcade version will have unique elements such as a “disaster god” monster that will “attack” different arcades around Japan, players will have to rally at that location to combat it. The mobile version will alert the players to this, which is an interesting idea that takes advantage of both Taito’s NESiCA network there plus the love for smartphones.




Something has stirred the pot at Capcom since they are very interested in arcades once again. A new Attack on Titan arcade game has been announced, based upon the manga and anime TV series of the same name. The trailer is incredibly un-informitive, showing nothing more than stylized text announcing the game so we will have to wait to see what this is all about exactly; I wonder if it will be like an arcade version of Evolve.

Shown in conjunction with Sega, Luigi’s Mansion Arcade has two units on the show floor, as seen in this unfortunate blur shot

Luigi's Mansion Arcade

but we also have a look at the controllers thanks to the flyer, which are little vacuums that have a SNES Super Scope vibe to them as well. via AM-NET


The cabinet for Crossbeats .rev has finally been shown, it had been mentioned how this is a ReRave-like game and the cabinet design does follow the original ReRave to some degree. Capcom hasn’t had a booth this elaborate for an amusement trade show in years, pic via Game Watch



Sega Ship This Arcade – When I first read about this one, those ‘Ship My Pants” Kmart commercials came to mind (I guess that means the commercials worked 😛 ) but this is an anime-girl, naval warfare based game that has a Sega Aime card vending attachment to it. The game launches this Summer. shipthis SN3U0001 The Sega areas otherwise were restrictive on close-up photos, here are their rhythm games such as the new Maimai Orange Plus and Chunithm, via AM-Net: SN3U0012 Konami – Disney Zamzam – New Disney themed touchscreen instant prize videmption game. Includes Ana and Elsa from Frozen, Winnie the Pooh and other famous Disney characters

Festival De Fever – At first I thought this was a 4 player version of Taiko No Tatsujin but then I realized that it was a Konami branded game: SN3U1076 More Bemani content:

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more!


  1. Jdevy01 February 13, 2015 at 3:41 pm - Reply

    I wonder if Zamzam is coming to the west…

  2. Jitterdoomer February 15, 2015 at 9:22 am - Reply

    It looks like Capcom redeemed themselves after the draconian DLC fiasco to the console gamers because the Japanese are playing Mobile Games than Console Games at this point on and they are trying to make arcade games for the Japanese people to enjoy.

  3. BEMANIStar February 16, 2015 at 4:21 am - Reply

    inbe4NAMCO sues KONAMI

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