Dave & Busters Coming To Fresno; Warzone Bar+Arcade Opens in Liège, Belgium

arcadehero March 16, 2015 0

Let’s start the week off with some great location news!

Dave & Busters Coming To Fresno, CA – If you look on Facebook, there are a number of “Bring Dave & Busters to ‘such-and-such’ cities” pages. They seem to be the way people are going about petitions these days. Among those was one seeking to build daveandbustsupport for getting a Dave & Busters into Fresno, CA. According to Fresnobee.com, a developer has filed plans with the city to bring a D&B to the city. It is still in the early stages but if the company sees the market demand, they get through the various legal hurdles to make it happen.

Warzone opens in Liège, Belgium – (thanks to Arcade Belgium for the tip) On the other side of the planet, a new bar + arcade venue has opened their doors. In addition to some pretty awesome geek art they have a small game room with some coin-op video games waiting to be played. Those titles include Guitar Hero Arcade, House of the Dead III, Sega Rally Championship 1995, Space Invaders, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Virtua Striker 2 and a Star Trek pinball. You can visit the Warzone Facebook page here and if you live in the area, go and play some arcades!

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