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arcadehero May 16, 2015 2

It’s been another slow news week and today’s bundle of news reflects that as I had to really scrub the internet just for small news items. In the mean time if you haven’t listened to the Return of the Arcade Heroes Podcast, check it out here! Also, I’ve added a new T-Shirt to the Arcadeheroes TeePublic page in case anyone is interested. It is $14 for the first couple of days.

Magic Girl Pinball Update: Progress on John Popadiuk’s latest pinball creation certainly fits into the ‘slow and steady’ pace; here is a new video about it posted today:

….quick vid showing some quality backbox fit & finish

Posted by The Pinball Inventor™ on Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tekken 7 Adds Jack 5 – Last week there was quite a bit of buzz as to the addition of Yoshimitsu to Tekken 7 and this week  Namco announced the addition of Jack 5 to the roster. Not every character is going to be as popular and as talked about but in case you are curious, here is the trailer:

NEON FM Song Update: The arcade music game NEON FM has a new song update and while I normally haven’t posted about song updates, it is slow so here we go!

Tempest 2000 Arcade – Among the games in the 90s that I enjoyed the most was Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar. Prior to playing it I had never played Tempest before as even then it was rare to find a color vector arcade machine at a venue. I often thought that 2000 would make an excellent arcade game and now KLOV Forum user Jetusenet has converted a Tempest cabinet to play the Jaguar version with. The game had rotary control support even though such a controller was never officially produced by Atari back-in-the-day and he enhanced the cabinet for the sound, which is always something you have to have with T2k. It is too bad that Atari and Atari Games didn’t work something out for a CoJag arcade release in 1995, unfortunately the focus for AG was already drifting more towards light-gun and racing games so they probably never considered it. From the Jaguar, titles that would have likewise worked as real arcade games included Missile Command 3D (which got the treatment with the rare Virtuality VR pods) , Defender 2000 and Super Burnout.   Are there any games found on an older console that you think would have made for the perfect arcade game (Einhander for the PSX comes to mind as well 😉 )


Chocovader Contactee – A little while ago I was contacted by Doc Mack of Galloping Ghost Arcade regarding some arcade PCBs he had some overstock on. In addition to hosting the game at GGA, he was able to get the game into Level 257 and Underground Retrocade. I had never heard of it before and while I haven’t had success with using non-English games in my arcade, I like weird and rare titles so I figured why not give it a spin. It hasn’t been played a whole lot yet but it is a fun mini-game compilation, especially for two players. Here’s a video I made showing a single playthrough:

Name That Game #44 – Last week apparently wasn’t much of a challenge, here are the answers with links:

#1 – Commando by Capcom

#2 – Street Hoop by Data East

#3 – Wonder Momo by Namco

Let’s see if I can stump with these titles this week:






  1. Zaxxoff May 17, 2015 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    Only one I know of without trying to do some digging is number 2: DJ Boy!

    Very neat about the get from Doc Mack. I always fear that cashing in on nostalgia alone is going to be the death of a number of “Retrocades”. It is hot right now, but who knows about the future. Imports of fun, newer games I think adds a necessary life force that will keep gamers coming and hopefully influence resurgence in new arcade games being created stateside.

  2. CAT May 18, 2015 at 11:24 pm - Reply

    1. The Goonies

    2. DJ Boy

    3. Meikyuu Jima

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