And Now A Video Of The New Stern Pinball Factory

arcadehero May 28, 2015 0
And Now A Video Of The New Stern Pinball Factory

The other day we ran an article about the new Heighway Pinball UK factory and their current production. Back over in the USA, the largest and best-known pinball maker in the world, recently moved their facilities to a much larger factory and warehouse. Stern’s move combined with the larger number of releases coming from the company this year shows strong growth for the company and pinball in general.

I tried embedding it but for some reason WordPress is not liking embedded FB videos anymore and Stern isn’t posting most of these new videos to Youtube, sticking to Facebook or Instagram. Here you go:


Take a video tour of the NEW 115,000sq/ft Stern Pinball Factory in Elk Grove Village Illinois! In this video you can see…

Posted by Stern Pinball on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Given the huge burst of production activity from Stern, we might see a few more games to come from the company by years end. Steve Ritchie is apparently working on the next game, which some are guessing will be based on Terminator Genisys. I suppose we’ll know before too long!

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