Stern Pinball Walks You Through Their New Spike Hardware

arcadehero June 24, 2015 1
Stern Pinball Walks You Through Their New Spike Hardware

In case you wanted to get really technical about Stern Pinball’s new hardware system, then here is the video for you. For many years, the circuit boards found behind the backbox glass in Stern’s Pinball games is what made all the magic happen but the technology was lagging behind the times. With Spike, more features can be squeezed out of the games while taking up less power.

I can’t imagine that anyone other than technicians and operators will be interested in this since it gets into what the blinking LED lights mean; as an operator I imagine this will end up as a very useful video for when something goes wrong. Your thoughts?

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  1. voltz June 26, 2015 at 4:43 am - Reply

    I think Todd from TNT Amusements was dinking around with one of these newer tables. He mentioned there’s hardly anything to note if any repairs are ever needed, so I’m guessing if something on the board goes wrong, worst case will be having to send it back to Stern for a new one instead of sending it to a technician (like Todd) to do the work for anything that could be so simple.

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