Location Updates: RESET Coming To Toledo, OH; Insert Coin(s) May Return To Vegas

arcadehero July 15, 2015 0

(Thanks to Michael Louie for digging up all of this info)

Here are a couple of updates for some arcade (or to be more specific, bar/arcade) locations out there, let’s start with…

RESET Coming To Toledo, OH This September – A new bar/arcade is coming to Toledo in a couple of months, with a business called Bar 145 expanding into a 2,700 sq. ft. space with their RESET Arcade. There is no information on what games they plan on adding to the venue at the moment, with this article at Toledoblade.com being the only source I can find about the upcoming arcade. Their hope is to open by the weekend of September 12th, if you are local then give them a visit when the time comes. The main website for Bar 145 can be visited here.

Insert Coin(s) Might Continue In Vegas – There was a bit of shock to be found out in the internet ether over the news that the formerly popular bar/arcade that opened in Las Vegas back in 2011 was evicted from their location. As a follow-up to that, The Las Vegas Weekly talked with IC owner Christopher LaPorte about it who did touch on some of the issues but is very confident that with some tweaks, the business will return to downtown Las Vegas.


What those “tweaks” might be are unknown at this time but Michael tipped me to some of their previous issues which can be found on the IC Yelp page by looking at the reviews(some recent “Quick Tips” reviews were particularly harsh). It sounds like changes will be needed at various levels – poorly maintained games, some of the classics had been removed (could be due to frequent technical issues) and the console area seems to have been expanded but not always available to patrons. Some complain about the pricing or the employees/customer service, especially in more recent reviews. You get the sense of a downward spiral, which is a very tough situation to bounce back from. Granted, it is not impossible to overcome these issues, it sounds like for the games they need a dedicated technician to keep everything running while tackling the game selection. Either way, we will have to wait and see, perhaps a stellar comeback story is coming soon 😉

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