Match Up: The Hobbit Vs. Game Of Thrones Pinball (In Images)

arcadehero September 9, 2015 4

Thanks to the release of images yesterday of Stern’s upcoming Game of Thrones Pinball machine, we can now do a comparison from a competing fantasy/medieval themed pinball game, Jersey Jack Pinball’s The Hobbit. Neither game is “out in the wild” yet but we do have images from each so for kicks and giggles, let’s compare the two without commentary. I should mentioned that I have played an early version of The Hobbit at last year’s IAAPA 2014 trade show but I have not played the final version which is still in the works; as GoT was unveiled within this past week, I have not played that either but likely will get a chance to try out both of the final versions at IAAPA 2015.

Here we go (click to embiggen the images) – note I am not comparing the Premium Game of Thrones or The Hobbit Smaug Edition due to a lack of media at the moment:










With these still appearances to look over, what are your thoughts between these two upcoming fantasy games so far?



  1. neil brimelow September 10, 2015 at 2:40 am - Reply

    First, I have to say that the all three translites on the GOT pins are the worst translites I’ve ever seen. It looks like they spent five minutes cutting and pasting into Photoshop and then greenlit the final design immediately.
    Second, the entire design of the pin seems entirely generic; something specifically designed to get out the door quickly before JJP gets to release “The Hobbit.” The only real option is to purchase the limited, or premium edition as the regular edition seems to be a total waste of money. That dragon toy is totally lame; it would have been better if they bought Smaug toys from the store and put them on the game. Even the 3-D printed “Throne” looks terrible.
    Also, just from looking at the layout of the playfield there was so many cool aspects of the show that could have been incorporated into play modes, like the infamous “Red Wedding” scene. But Stern apparently didn’t even consider having an “adult” mode on a theme and license that is essentially a “Rated R” t.v. show.
    Lastly, Stern needs to step into the world of color displays. I don’t think licensing clips from a t.v. show, or movie would add much, if any to the cost of the license itself, but would open more opportunities of maximizing the exploit of the license.

  2. Patrick September 13, 2015 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    I agree that GOT looks a little slapped together, but I am intrigued by the option to play as any of the families. That could mean there’ll be great replay value assuming the modes and challenges are different for each. I love WOZ and am excited about Hobbit, but I’m a little disappointed that there seems to be less depth to this than there is to WOZ. (No upper playfields, only 2 flippers, fewer toys, etc. And it looks like you can’t actually shoot at Smaug?

    Reserving final judgment until I play the games though of course.

  3. Steffen September 18, 2015 at 10:14 am - Reply

    I don’t think that the pictures of GoT are actually real but rendered. They look kind of flat in a very strange way to me.

    Take a close look at the speakers in the speaker panel or the LEDs in the backboard or the strange cut in the hex spacer to see what I mean.

    I personally think that GoT will look actually pretty decent in real life with real lightning.

  4. gblock September 24, 2015 at 1:28 am - Reply

    if the GOT shots are rendered, PC software is getting good lol. But I’m leaning towards rendered because of most of the reason’s Steffen mentioned.

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