Jurassic Park Arcade Deluxe Motion Edition Now Available

arcadehero October 8, 2015 1

When it was unveiled last year, Raw Thrills’ Jurassic Park Arcade was shown in two flavors – an Environmental sit down cabinet and a motion seat deluxe cabinet. Both cabinets went through some changes before their final iterations however the standard sit down version was released earlier this year in April while the motion version languished in development for some extra time.

JP Motion

After a little wait, the motion version of the game is now available for arcade venues to get their hands on (pictured above). The official name is Jurassic Park Arcade – Deluxe Motion Edition. As mentioned on the blog previously, the system is similar to what InJoy Motion has been using in their recent motion games by making use of an air bladder system and it is the first in-house motion system developed and used by Raw Thrills (the motion version of H2Overdrive was designed by InJoy and UNIS). It also has a cool feature in the seat that recreates the ‘stomp’ of the largest dinos like the T-Rex when it is chasing you. Here is a look at the initial prototype units from a year ago including the motion version – what are your thoughts on this release?

Here is the new flyer for the motion version:

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  1. Federico Read October 8, 2015 at 12:18 pm - Reply

    I think this will do well in larger venues, especially because of the more realistic feel of the dinosaurs chasing you.

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