Chicago Pinball Expo 2015: Alien Pinball Artwork; Stern Pinball booth Setup

arcadehero October 16, 2015 0

With Pinball Expo udnerway in Chicago, we knew we would get some news from the pinball world so here we go:

Alien Pinball Artwork – The 2nd pinball table by Heighway Pinball has been in development for some time and today the artwork for the cabinet, including the backbox, has been unveiled. Check it out (I should mention that the cabinets by Heighway are modular and not pictured below are the pieces that you can use to remove the sideart if switching games, that’s why the sideart has such sharply defined edges as opposed to filling out the whole side):



For those unfamiliar with Heighway Pinball, they place a full color LCD display onto the game playfield as opposed to the backbox.

Stern Pinball Booth – Stern posted a video to Facebook showing their big booth setup, featuring four KISS Pinball machines, 4 Game of Thrones Pinball machines and a Whoa Nellie!.

LIVE from the Stern Pinball booth inside the 2015 Chicago Pinball Expo! It’s packed!!! #SternPinball #KISS #GameOfThrones

Posted by Stern Pinball on Thursday, October 15, 2015

A couple of photos:



I’m keeping a look out for any other news as I am sure there will be more.

UPDATE: Photo of The Big Lebowski (Dutch Pinball) and American’s Most Haunted Pinball (Spooky Pinball) via Prince Arcades:



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