IAAPA 2015 Recap #3: More Arcade Titles To Check Out

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IAAPA 2015 Recap #3: More Arcade Titles To Check Out

As weird as it is, it has already been over a week since IAAPA 2015 started. Time is flying by… for me. I still have a few videos left to edit together but we’re almost there. Here is a recap of further videos as well as some additional pictures of what was at the amusements industry’s biggest trade show last week.

Picking up on the videos in chronological order of when I posted them, first we have Adrenaline Amusements and their brand new videmption title Snaky Tickets. Very much like a Nibbler/Snake game, this modernizes the concept with new graphics and a focus on tickets and competitive play that Adrenaline has been bringing to more of their recent titles. Also shown is the Crossy Road Arcade machine, which also shows the competitive aspect of that Frogger-like game brought to the big screen arcade.

One very interesting piece I came across at random was this Piano game by a Chinese company called Sheng Hua Technology. Shaped like a baby grand piano, they got a little excessive on the LED lighting but the real wood finish was just as unusual to see as a game exactly like it. As a sub-$6000 game, the cabinet and concept allows this

Not to be forgotten was Unit-E Technologies with their previously released rhythm game NEON FM on hand. Contrary to my guess, neither they nor Andamiro brought the “Asian market” version of this game to the show. It is always good to see a newer developer return to an event like this and here you can see their new white cabinet that they are now offering. They were a little out of the way compared to last year’s more centralized booth but easy to find regardless.


UNIS had a huge booth at the show packed with games and their 6D interactive theater Galactic Force. I don’t cover that theater in this video but I do get into the other products such as the unique kiddie-ride/shooting gallery/light-gun/ticket game Bandit Express, the fishing game Strike Pro Fishing, Polar Igloo & Ski Racer. Bandit Express pretty cool, upping the game on interactive rides. Strike Pro Fishing was neat too, giving the fishing game that everyone has these days a little Sega Bass Fishing twist to it along with a sharp graphics package.

Team Play had a quad setup of their Fishbowl Frenzy linked/bonus that they had unveiled at Amusement Expo 2015, along with a pair of their Funstop photo booths.


One disadvantage of a show of this size is it is easy to overlook something. With so many products calling for attention, you might walk by a booth without super flashy items several times without realizing they have something new to check out. Such was the case at the Gold Standard Games booth, formerly known as Shelti. Showcasing their usual line-up of air hockey tables, they had some new products from Aerr Tehnologies. It has been a long time since we covered this company as we haven’t seen much from them in recent times but they had three new products, Jet-Blasteroids, Jet-Ball Xtreme & Jet-Pong to show off, as you see here. The main unique aspect for them – it is more a mechanical type game that uses blasts of air.

We’ve seen Dido Kart 2 before but now the game was being shown off by InJoy Motion with a new, smoother software build and in a new cabinet following their AIR series technology. The other games at their booth have been seen/discussed before, excepting a very early alpha build of a new Jetski concept. Using their old Power Boat software and a Super Bikes 2 controller on a motion base, it was more there to show off the hardware and motion technology than the game itself, which is a long way off from being ready for market.

One of the first booths I stopped at was the Barron Games booth, where they had their new World Tour Foosball and Catch The Light Combo games. Both fitting into competitive mechanical game categories, they contribute some fresh items to the ‘something different’ category.

Mentioned on the blog not long ago was the new videmption game by Magic Play called Timberman. This was the main attraction of their booth although they company did have some redemption, crane and excavator games on hand to show off.

Creative Works had a huge display setup to promote their mini-golf constructions as well as their Lazer Frenzy maze. The version at the show included a new software build with game variations that were designed to incentivize repeat play.


Baytek Games had a sizable booth as usual, stocked with the latest in their line-up of redemption & prize games. They have been strong on bringing videmption content to the market and this was the first time I had seen Gridiron Blitz in action and Quik Drop was receiving a lot of attention. New software for Hopstar was on hand and their setup for their new alley roller (Skeeball style) game was impressive to behold.

Next to BayTek was Coastal Amusements who also had a strong showing for their videmption games including their new arcade cabinet concept with a giant screen and the two new titles, The Balloon Game and Frop Leap. SharpShooter and Yahtzee helped round out the content.

Last but not least is a wrap-up of sorts, showing some of the “Odds ‘N Ends” of the show. From a robotic game to a weird VR setup and more:

My thanks to everyone that has been following the IAAPA coverage and have watched or shared the videos. I have two other videos to re-do, MotoGP with the voiceover instead of the text and a re-do on the World’s Largest Pac-Man & Friends game with some additional footage that I overlooked. I also will be doing a FULL recap of IAAPA listing out all of the new games found in one handy post here soon. To those celebrating the holiday tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving!


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