Jersey Jack Pinball’s The Hobbit Pinball Begins Production

arcadehero December 18, 2015 0

Back in 2012, the second game for newcomer manufacturer Jersey Jack Pinball was announced – The Hobbit Pinball. While the wait has been long, JJP kept working at it and now the promises are being fulfilled as the company announced today that the game is now on the assembly line. To quote:

It’s a very exciting time at JJP, The Hobbit is on the assembly line! We are building up sub assemblies, playfields, cabinets and full games. The plan is to build a number of games for further extensive testing and then go into full production in January. Our suppliers have been working very hard to get us all the parts we need. Everyone knows that JJP games are loaded with fun, mechanical action, and new technology which keeps players coming back for more.

In addition to January 2016 being the date where games will begin shipping, they announced that they are working with Paramount Financial to begin offering their games on lease-to-own/financing. They also shared this picture to prove that the above efforts are taking place:

The Hobbit Pinball Production

I got to play the production version of this game at IAAPA 2015 and came away with a favorable impression. While not as packed as Wizard of Oz Pinball, it was still fun. What are your thoughts on this game making it to a wide release?


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