Newsbytes: 2015 Review; Games Turning 40; Brad Fuller Passing; NTG#70

arcadehero January 2, 2016 3

It’s 2016 and I hope that everyone had a great week with the turn of the year. 2015 was really good for my own arcade business and I have heard reports from a few others that they also were seeing strong earnings. Granted I do know there were a few locations that unfortunately closed last year (Insert Coins LV & Nanuet Arcade come to mind). Either way I hope that 2016 is good for all of you out there.

2015 Year-In-Review – Summing up certain game news from 2015 in one handy video!

Speaking of lookbacks, here is a cool Throwback pic of a busy arcade in the 90s:

Arcade games turning 40 in 2016 – With a new year comes anniversaries of a variety of video games that would have been released a certain number of years ago. Normally I have wrote up a post that covers games celebrating a birthday but this year I am going with videos. So for part 1, here is a look at games turning 40 this year, those released in 1976. Working on games from 1986 next, which will be up sometime by the beginning of next week.

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Updated In Japan – You might recall that BandaI Namco’s Mario Kart Arcade GP DX game was slated to have five years worth of software updates, delivered online. The Japanese build is 1 year ahead of the US/European version and they are also synced to deliver those updated at the beginning of the year while the US version seems to be around the end of Spring/beginning of Summer. This page details the 3rd year updates to the Japanese version; we will let you know when the US update rolls out.


Former Atari Games Audio Director Brad Fuller Passes Away  (Via Atari Museum Facebook group)- Some unfortunate news here, Brad Fuller who worked for Atari and Atari Games from 1982-1996 passed away this morning after a battle with cancer. His work included:”… audio for … the home computer versions of Superman, Donkey Kong, E.T., Robotron as well as the coin-ops Marble Madness, Klax, S.T.U.N. Runner, Rolling Thunder, Paperboy, Xybots, Blasteroids, and 720°” More about Brad and his work can be found on this episode of the Antic podcast. RIP Brad.


Name That Game #70 – Last week was a little tough, here are your answers

#1- Crash N’ Score by Atari

#2- TigerHeli by Taito

#3- The Gladiator by IGS

Guesses for this week:





  1. Arcades4ever January 3, 2016 at 1:59 am - Reply

    Well the first ones a bit of a give away since you can see the title in the top left corner. That great that the game grid arcade is doing so well, just a pity the same can’t be said for some as a lot of the arcades in Tenerife have all shut down or turned into casinos. I know a lot go on holiday to relax in the sun but there should be something like an arcade at night to go to which I’ve found out recently and from looks of it they’ve not shut down that long ago.

  2. Steffen January 3, 2016 at 6:21 am - Reply

    1. Dirt Dash by Namco (As noticed rather easy since the name is shown in the attract mode.)
    2. Super Dodge Ball by Technos

  3. Jdevy January 3, 2016 at 11:04 am - Reply

    Looking at that website for Mario Kart Arcade GP, I wonder, is that DVD thing a home release for Mario Kart Arcade GP DX?

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