Arcade Expo 2.0 Fully Operational Through Sunday

arcadehero January 15, 2016 0
Arcade Expo 2.0 Fully Operational Through Sunday

Last year in Banning, CA, the Museum of Pinball launched their first “Arcade Expo” event. Featuring over 700 arcade and pinball games, it was a retro gaming get-together  that challenged some of the other large arcade events like California Extreme or ReplayFX.  Now in their second year, they’ve got more games to offer with the organizers suggesting over 800 games setup to play. [Arcade Expo Website]


Part of the scene from last year’s Arcade Expo in Banning, CA

Some of the events to look forward to if you find yourself attending and unable to play every single game found on-site:

  • -Starcade: “Ever wanted to play retro games under the stars? This is your chance to enjoy tons of games beneath cabanas in our 5 acre park – not only at night, but also during the day!”
  • Three Day Pinball Tournament
  • Kong Off 4.5 (Donkey Kong All-Stars tournament)
  • INTELLIVISION PANEL with BLUE SKY RANGERS  (Creators of the Mattel Intellivision games)
  • The Getaway VIP Party
  • Project Pinball PUB Quiz
  • Arcade auction

Overall it looks like an awesome event to be at, with plenty of potential high scores to be obtained and fun to be had. We’ll certainly update the blog if there is any additional news worth discussing; if you are attending, comment below!

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