Learn Essential Pinball Skills in 60 Seconds

arcadehero January 29, 2016 0
Learn Essential Pinball Skills in 60 Seconds

This has been quite the slow news week – fortunately we have an interesting video to break the lull, showing you how certain shots in pinball work in just 60 seconds. In owning a couple of pinball machines, I see most clients (especially kids but not always) just constantly hammer the flipper buttons as those flipper flailing will keep the ball in play but it doesn’t quite work like that. Put together by Pinheadz Pinball, this might help take out some of the mystery in how pinball wizards can play these games with such skill although it certainly takes a good amount of practice to get it right.

UPDATE: Kent Fund alerted me that Pinheadz didn’t create this video, it was put up on Youtube way back in 2009 by Rocketcarmike. Here is that original; I’m removing the Pinheadz embed for now:


What are your thoughts on these techniques and skills? Is there anything you would add to it if you could?

Speaking of playing pinball, I recently discovered the Pinball 101 video that was created a few years ago by the designers of the upcoming Archer pinball machine. It is $9 on Youtube but if you really want to get in-depth in how pinball works and how to properly play it, this is a good way to go:


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