Arcade Expansions: Ground Kontrol (OR); Robot City Games (NY); Boss Battle Games (IN)

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Arcade Expansions: Ground Kontrol (OR); Robot City Games (NY); Boss Battle Games (IN)

Stories about new arcade openings are more common to find on the blog here but occasionally a location undertakes a major expansion, which is just as important to any business as opening their doors. If an arcade is jam-packed with games then it can be frustrating for the business owner in that they are likely doing well enough to grow but without floor space, you have to sell off games or get extra creative in the floor layout.

Expansion In The Cards

Ground Kontrol (Portland, OR; thanks to Michael Louie for the tip) – The famous arcade/bar location in Portland is looking open a new section this Summer thanks to the purchase of a café that is connected to their building. By adding a hallway and remodeling the café, Ground Kontrol will double their space, which allows them to add more games but also some breathing room as the article describes the present location as “cramped”. Some of the new games they will be adding include modern titles like Star Wars Battle Pod and Aliens Armageddon but more classics like Lucky N’ Wild. More details are found at


Robot City Games & Arcade (Binghamton, NY; Thanks to AH writer Sara for the tip) – On the opposite side of the country, a small arcade had been able to expand from a 1200 sq. ft. space to a 7000 sq. ft. one but as soon as that success started rolling in, the local city decided that it was “safe” to their standards and has forced this location to close a majority of their shop down until those changes are made. Making physical changes to a building are never cheap and Robot City is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to achieve this goal faster than what the open portion of their arcade can generate in a timely manner.


UPDATE: Boss Battle Games (Indianapolis, IN) – I had an odd feeling like I was missing a business for this post and lo and behold, right after publishing Sara informed me that Boss Battle Games in Indianapolis is also expanding at the mall where they are located. The new expanded location will be ready by next month. News via their Facebook page.


Best of luck to both locations in their plans and if you find yourself anywhere near them, be sure to stop by and check them out!

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