Newsbytes: DDR A Announced; Bandai Namco Facebook; New Arcade Openings; NTG#75

arcadehero February 20, 2016 1

One of the nice things about February is that it always seems to fly by…although this year will have that extra day to it 😉 Here’s a round-up of some arcade news for the weekend:

Konami Announces Dance Dance Revolution A (DDR A)Here’s a link to the page, which only has this image for now but the next series of DDR looks like they will be alphabetized. Perhaps if the release of DDR 2015 is successful in the US this year, we’ll also get to enjoy this upcoming title when it is released (as the past few DDR releases were limited more to Japan)


Apart from that I’m not coming across more JAEPO news so it looks like that has been covered for now. Next trade to watch out for: Amusement Expo 2016 in Las Vegas on March 16th & 17th. I’ve got everything lined up to attend that, so stay tuned for coverage!

Bandai Namco Amusement America Launches A Facebook Page – Not long ago it was mentioned that Bandai Namco’s American arcade division had started up a Twitter account but now they have also started a Facebook page. You can check it out here to follow the company; looks like their Star Wars Battle Pod location finder is going to launch soon and it looks like there are quite a few pods out there to play.


Making of Game Of Thrones Pinball – Stern has dropped another “Making of” video, this time for their most recent Game of Thrones Pinball table. Check it out!

Hyperspace Arcade Opens In Lakewood, CO – A new retro arcade has opened their doors in the greater Denver metropolitan area by the name of Hyperspace Arcade. Sporting a solid number of classic games, they also have several pinball and vector monitor titles to enjoy. Like most retrocades these days, they operate on an entry fee with the games on free play but they are not a bar/arcade (food is available however). Judging by the pictures they are off to a roaring start, drawing in good crowds of players. If you find yourself in the area make sure to stop by and give them your support!


Akedo Reopens At A New Location In France – Speaking of new arcades, Arcade Belgium shared this post on Facebook about the move and re-opening of the Akedo Arcade in Lille-Lomme, France. The new location allows them to have more games than before so hopefully it will mean increased business for them!

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Valley Dynamo Black Hole Air Hockey Assembly Video – It would be nice if more manufacturers produced videos like these. Not everyone that buys arcades are trained technicians or installers. You can usually figure it out but videos like these are nice to refer to:

Name That Game #75 – Here are the answers for last week:

#1 – Dragon’s Lair II by Leland

#2 – Puzzle Bobble 3 by Taito

#3 – Valtric by Jaelco

And for this week:




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  1. Alfred February 20, 2016 at 1:48 pm - Reply

    1. Dragon Spirit
    2. Pyros or Wandner no Mori
    3. No idea, but it looks really cool.

    Good to see Bandai has a Facebook page now.

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