Stern’s Ghostbusters Pinball Formally Unveiled Plus a Trailer Breakdown

arcadehero March 10, 2016 0

The rumors are true…and after a wait we finally have a look at the new Ghostbusters Pinball machine by Stern Pinball which they launched today:

UPDATE: Stern added this press release and photo gallery of the machines to their Facebook page:

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Re: the Premium and Limited Editions: “The Premium and Limited Edition models also feature an interactive ghost hologram target with animations, “para-normal” magnetic action slingshots, distinctive ramp architecture and additional custom molded toys.”

As for the trailer, let’s break it down!

0:06 – “Zule” – this is looking at the 3D model for the Zuul toy (spelled Zule in the video though)

0:07 – Slimer toy in the 3D modelling program

0:09 – Ghostbusters dots animation…in color. The trailer never shows the display on the game itself but the Facebook gallery shows the LE which has the old monochromatic display. So we’ll have to see if the next release finally makes the jump to color.

0:10 – Pro Color backglass. It hasn’t changed from the leaked version

0:11 – Another animation

0:12 – 3D playfields in the modeller. They are slightly different if you look at the right area near the purple curved ramp and the extra button below. So it looks like the Pro is on the right, Premium/LE on the left.


0:13 – Drawing of a Gozer on plastic art piece

0:14 – Side art with Slimer (LE I believe) then a jump to another version of sideart for one of the other models

0:15 – 3D look at the playfield in the modelling program.

0:16 – Schematic style look from the upper right corner of the game followed by some Stay Puft Marshmellow Man art

0:17 – Zull shakes it

0:18 – The game in action – almost like Batman Pinball which had the moving crane, Slimer hangs out as a punching bag…behind him are details from the cityscape and some great hand drawn art. Then in the same second is a close up on the Slimer toy.


0:19 – The Ghostbustermobile in the 3D program

0:20 – Hand drawn art of the playfield, almost like the storyboard design for the game.

0:21 – one of the mechanics behind a toy in action…perhaps what drives the Stay Puft marshmellow man?

0:21 – Ecto-1 DMD animation (moar color, woohoo)

0:22 – Lower playfield schematic

0:23 – Putting some wiring together where you can see the new Spike design which is a bit less complicated than Stern’s machines used to be.

0:24 – Stay Puft dances for the display

0:24 – Slimer side art on a Premium or LE machine

0:25 – Premium or LE backglass with a melting Stay Puft


0:26 – Scrolling on the playfield with most of the artwork added. This is from the Premium/LE playfield

0:29 – Plastic standee of Ghostbusters logo with pinball written on it

0:29 – More hand drawn art that says “Moranis” getting tested, referring to the actor’s name instead of the character (who was Louis Tully)

0:30 – Another display animation with Slimer zooming in…not very colorful though so could be for a monochromatic display.

So that’s that…what do you think of this new pinball machine?

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