Pre-Amusement Expo Thoughts + China Goes All-In For VR Amusements

arcadehero March 15, 2016 0
Pre-Amusement Expo Thoughts + China Goes All-In For VR Amusements

Amusement Expo 2016

Tomorrow starts the next trade show for the arcade/amusement industry, Amusement Expo 2016 in Las Vegas. I’ll be there to see what new games the sector has to offer along with re-visiting some titles played at IAAPA. As such I will be updating the AH Youtube channel accordingly through the end of this week. We do know of some games that will be there, which also made their appearances at IAAPA 2015 (Luigi Mansion Arcade, Mario & Sonic Olympics, MotoGP, World’s Largest Pac-Man, Galaga Assault, Timberman, etc.) but not much has been unveiled regarding unseen titles – we know Ghostbusters pinball will be there.  So we will have to see if Q*Bert, Crusin’, or Killer Queen Arcade will show up…or anything else we haven’t heard of before. The surprises are always fun of course. What are you most looking forward to or hoping for?

Chinese Companies Show Off Their VR Ideas

Speaking of trade shows, Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report and the DNA Association was at some trade events in China recently where he obtained a number of videos to share.  I was only able to get to editing the VR developments so far, which you can see in this video below. The arcade/amusement side of it will probably come along next week after the AE videos…this also will delay my Games Turning 10 video for now.

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