New Arcades: Dave & Busters (NY & TX); Great Escape Social Eats & Crafts (IA); Coin-Op Game Room 3 (CA); HubZero (Dubai)

arcadehero April 13, 2016 1

Any day is a good day for new venue news. Here are the new places to look at:

Two Grand Openings For Dave & Busters Locations (NY & TX): I thought that we had mentioned the grand opening of the Rochester, NY location from back in March but it looks like it was missed, so here’s the official word on that as well as the San Antonio and El Paso, TX locations that opened this year. San Antonio was in January, El Paso was this past Monday. Games lists aren’t available but you can expect to find a large line-up of the latest video and redemption games on hand, peppered with some occasional older titles. Announcements here via the D&B Facebook page.

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Great Escape Social Eats & Crafts Open In Des Moine, IA: Going beyond the standard bar/arcade is an FEC that has opened their doors in Iowa. The Grand Opening was at the end of February and they do not have a lot of information on the arcade but they do have one (their main focus is bowling with 24 lanes). The arcade is not very large and for the video games portion I’ve found that they have Jurassic Park Arcade, Star wars Battle Pod Flat Screen and Super Bikes 2. Otherwise they have several redemption games. Their official website is here; Facebook page is here.


Coin-Op Game Room 3rd location in CA (via Vectorgamer): A 2nd3rd Coin-Op Game Room is coming to California this July. The first location is found in San Diego; another is in Sacramento and the new one is going to be a 10,000 sq. ft. facility in San Fransisco. According to this article at the SF Eater (which does get some things wrong like Galaga’s spelling or the original TRON’s story), they will have a game selection that spans from the early 80s classics until some games from now including the new Ghostbusters pinball. Pinball tables will find themselves in a special upstairs lounge. They will also have a special TRON-themed area that is reached through a hidden door behind a broken TRON game (like in TRON Legacy). That area is apparently going to be more of a VIP bar. Since it is still early an exact games list isn’t available but it is likely there will be some similarities between it and the San Diego location. You can visit the official Coin-Op Game Room site here.


Hub Zero “Immersive Entertainment Park” Coming To Dubai (Thanks to Kevin Williams for tip on this) – This one isn’t really an arcade and it is also very early in the development process but a press release has been sent out to tout this upcoming park to Dubai, that has backing from home gaming companies including “Electronic Arts, Capcom, KONAMI, Microsoft and Square Enix”. The PR follows that up by mentioning: “Thrilling Attractions and Rides Developed Exclusively for Hub Zero, Based on World’s Best-Selling Electronic Action and Adventure Games” – so given the properties that these companies own, it can be assumed that we’ll be getting rides/attractions from some very recognizable games.

That’s all that has been gathered for now, we wish these locations the best of luck and if you have the chance to visit them, give them your support!

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  1. Alfred April 14, 2016 at 11:43 am - Reply

    Honestly it sounds more like an over the top idea of an arcade. The kind where you go shoot an actual target to play COD.

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