New Trailer Teases Horror and Adventure for Upcoming The Spectre Files Deathstalker Arcade

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New Trailer Teases Horror and Adventure for Upcoming The Spectre Files Deathstalker Arcade

We recently mentioned the new arcade developments from Game Refuge and Galloping Ghost Productions, which were first shown publicly at the Midwest Gaming Classic 2016 event. Among the new titles is a project that was originally intended to join the line-up of laserdisc/full-motion video (FMV) games back in 1985 but it was canned for various reasons we have already mentioned in previous posts.

The Spectre Files Deathstalker cabinet

The Spectre Files Deathstalker cabinet

Today, game designer Brian Colin posted a video of the restoration project for The Spectre Files Deathstalker. This shows some raw footage that is in much better quality than a video posted about the original project; it also gives us a tease of how the new HUD format for the game works. Before we get to that, some details from the promo line under the video:

After over 30 years, the original film footage for the “Lost” Arcade laser disc game “THE SPECTRE FILES: DEATHSTALKER” has been found, cleaned up, and transferred to a digital format. A campy, low-budget horror film parody designed as an interactive adventure game, it is now, at long last,being adapted for the Arcade by Galloping Ghost Productions and Game Refuge Inc with the help of the original filmmaker; game designer Brian Colin.

Check it out here below. The game will be released for arcades on Halloween 2016.


I think this can fit into the space that we sort of got with The Act: An Interactive Comedy (that wasn’t a full wide release however). Granted it is tough to say how an adventure game will work on today’s market but horror games always do very well. What are your thoughts on this ‘old-but-new’ FMV game?

(removed some of my silly speculation about Ed Boon being in the game)


  1. Brian F Colin April 20, 2016 at 12:47 pm - Reply

    LOL… Sorry, but the actor Playing the Count’s evil henchman is Aris Tompulis, not Ed Boon… (although I’m sure Ed would be flattered to be compared with a homicidal maniac) I didn’t meet Ed for until after Williams bought out Midway five years later. – BFC

    • arcadehero April 20, 2016 at 1:09 pm - Reply

      Thanks for clearing that up Brian!

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