Incredible Technologies Showcases Golden Tee 2017

arcadehero July 7, 2016 0

When it comes to arcade golf, there is only one name that has any traction these days and that’s Golden Tee. They have been able to consistently provide updates to the game annually for many years and this year is no different, with the upcoming release of Golden Tee 2017.


As has been done in the past, there will be three versions of the game – Golden Tee LIVE (for commercial use only locations); the Offline commercial version and the non-coin Home edition. Unless they make a last minute change, the Home version has all online features minus tournament prize play – the main thing that sets the LIVE editions apart.

With every annual update comes changes to the game, such as the addition of new modes or tweaks to existing ones. From the sounds of it, GT2017 is going to have numerous additions and changes, judging by this quote: “…the work being poured into this update is unmatched historically…”

So far they have shown screenshots, no videos from what I have seen nor details on new modes. Given that these are all native 1080p shots, we can assume that the changes don’t mean that we’ll be getting Golden Tee 4k this year, although they could always drop that surprise (the series only entered the 1080p arena with GT2015, which required a new graphics card). For an idea of the new courses, here you go:





Previous GT updates have first hit in September with the LIVE edition first, then the offline and Home editions coming a few months later. What are you hoping to see from the latest Golden Tee?

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