Start Off Monday With A New Cruis’n Pic, Galaga Assault Ending & R-Type Anime

arcadehero July 18, 2016 2

(Thanks to Jdevy for the tip)

UPDATE: R-type Anime Added below

Given the mountains of bad news out there lately(re: world news, not arcade news), let’s start your Monday off with something good: A new picture from the Cruis’n Location Test. As mentioned previously, the title continues to change with the current iteration a simple “Cruis’n” (the seats still have the Cruis’n Redline title but Raw Thrills has confirmed to me that a final title has not been settled on yet; IMHO Cruis’n Adventure was the best so far). The primary change seen here is the new marquee, which towers over the user while also showcasing the new card system. The Nintendo logo is also more prominent than before:


Come to think of it, the Nintendo logo is not this noticeable on Sega’s Luigi’s Mansion Arcade or Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 Olympics. There are no changes to the control panel from what I can tell:


It isn’t much but it will have to do until a release comes along; I’m also wondering what is going on with Dance Central 3 Arcade as we’ve heard little else on that game since the initial leak.

Then over to the new Galaga Assault. While this is mainly found as a videmption game, any location has the option to switch over to “Amusement Mode“, where players can enjoy an HD remake of the beloved original over 70 levels. What happens when you reach that limit? This ending (nothing to spoil, really):


Stay tuned this week (maybe today) for an article on VR vs. AR vs. MXR

UPDATE: Kevin Williams sent me this link to a new anime short that showcases the arcade classic R-Type. This was done by the same guy (OtaKing) that did this Star Wars anime short as well as this Doctor Who short. LANGUAGE WARNING:


  1. Alex July 18, 2016 at 9:13 am - Reply

    I thought only Sega and Namco were the only arcade game companies that had a card system.

    • arcadehero July 18, 2016 at 9:49 am - Reply

      Cards are more common than is usually thought. Raw Thrills has used cards before with the Big Buck series (starting with Safari); GlobalVR used a unique “any magnetic swipe card” ID system for a while; Incredible Technologies has long used cards for their showcase games; in Japan Taito/Square Enix and Konami have all used cards as well.

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