First Footage Of The New Cruis’n Redline by Nintendo & Raw Thrills

arcadehero June 13, 2016 1
First Footage Of The New Cruis’n Redline by Nintendo & Raw Thrills

It wasn’t long ago that we received a picture of a new arcade game on test, a title by Raw Thrills that we had a hunch about since last year that was branded Cruis’n Adventure. Well fast forward a little over a month and thanks to Kevin Williams of the Stinger Report, we now have our first look at the game in motion. But first, a few things to point out and discuss.

Interestingly enough, the game has already been rebranded as Cruis’n Redline. I’ve confirmed with Raw Thrills that the Redline title is tentative and also may not be final. (IMO, the Adventure marquee looks more exciting than the Redline one, in part as it has more color). We still do not know when this game is planned for a release although judging by the look of the cabinet, by the end of this year for certain. You can clearly see the Nintendo and the Raw Thrills logo on the game marquee; the Nintendo logo is also prominently featured on the side of the cabinet that holds the marquee in place. We also learn from the footage that Raw Thrills is going to dabble with a player card system, something they have only done to a small degree with the Big Buck Hunter series. The system you can see here is more advanced as a card will be dispensed directly from the game’s dashboard, which can then in turn be scanned and used to track player data (times, parts and card builds, unlock more cars, etc.). This is a departure from their common PIN system, which from what I have seen, doesn’t get used very often in games like Super Cars or Batman.

But enough yapping – here is the video:

There is still no announcement on when this will be released so we will guess Q3/Q4 2016. What are your thoughts on this new development so far?

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