Star Trek and Ghostbusters Headline The Dave & Busters Summer of Games

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Star Trek and Ghostbusters Headline The Dave & Busters Summer of Games

Popular arcade chain Dave & Busters has unveiled their headlining games for their annual “Summer of Games” promotion. Headlining the titles are various popular licenses including Ghostbusters, Mario & Sonic, Star Wars, Galaga and Star Trek. Excepting the latter, we have covered all of these titles; in terms of Ghostbusters, the company has a unique video-only version of the ICE videmption game on hand:


“Star Trek Arcade”

UPDATE: Thanks to Nick @ Arcade Hunters for sharing these on Facebook:



This year marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek airing on TV and this week sees the release of the new film Star Trek Beyond. The reboot (known officially as the “Kelvin Timeline”) already received a pinball machine via Stern Pinball in 2013 but no video arcade game has touched the series since Star Trek Voyager back in 2002. The brand new “Star Trek Arcade” as Dave & Busters is calling it, is not an arcade game in the video sense but as a coin/prize pusher. It also follows the classic 1960s show and not the reboot. This newer kind of pusher has become immensely popular with the high earning Wizard of Oz pusher that Elaut released a few years back and involves cards and colored chips instead of just coins. It does have collectible cards to win as via this description:

Control a mechanical arm to launch metal tokens at a mountain of tokens, chips & collectible Star Trek cards. Chips & cards knocked off the ledge can be picked up & redeemed for tickets. The first set of eight character cards, available now through October 2016, feature Star Trek legends from the 1960s TV series including Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, & a rare card featuring the Tribbles. Each card is also available in a limited, foil-enhanced version, redeemable for even more tickets!

Dave & Busters has this new game exclusive to their locations for the Summer, as shown in this video promotion and this special page on their website (thanks to Jdevy for this link).

Is this the Star Trek arcade game you were hoping for?

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