New Videmption Game From Raw Thrills: Choppy Wood

arcadehero October 12, 2016 0

(Thanks to anon for the tip)

Leaks are everywhere these days and not just of the political email kind. We recently unveiled a location test for Space Invaders Frenzy by Raw Thrills and today we have another to discuss – Choppy Wood.

The Choppy Wood Game Cabinet

(Click for the full size)


I initially received a tip about this a few months ago from reader JDevy but it was very difficult to tell what the game was. It was seen in the background of a picture focused on kids playing a redemption game and the glare prevented details from showing through. I could only distinguish the word “Choppy” and a Raw Thrills logo so we waited.

For the location, I would guess it is at a Chuck E. Cheeses judging by the seats in the background.

The game uses a 55″ screen and features numerous LEDs as most Raw Thrills games have been doing as of late. It is similar to the recent Magic Play/Barron Games videmption game TimberMan, as you play a lumberjack who chops down a tree from each side while avoiding the branches. The higher the score, the more tickets you can win. As you can see, a major difference is the 2-player competitive play. From this pic, the graphics do appear to feature more detail than TimberMan does. The game also has power-ups but the tipster did not describe them. They only stated that it was “was easy enough for anyone to play.”

Apart from IAAPA 2016, this game will also be available to play at Logan Arcade for the Cruis’n Blast Release Party.

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