Videmption Updates: Fly O’Clock; Crazy Tower; Shooty Skies Arcade & Launch Code

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One type of game that we expect to see in droves at the upcoming IAAPA 2016 trade show are videmption games. More can be done in redemption with video so these have been quite popular for the past six or seven years. Today, we have news on a few new videmption items so let’s jump into it!

UPDATE: Received new media for Launch Code, updated below!

Fly O’Clock By Barron Games

Seen at the AAMA Gala in Chicago a short time ago, the latest videmption title from Barron Games is now available for pre-order. Based on the mobile game of the same name, the cabinet design certainly fits well with the theme. It also features co-op play and single button play design. It will be at IAAPA; more details can be read about it here.


Crazy Tower By Adrenaline Amusements

Industry Trade Magazine Replay Magazine is showcasing the Canadian-based firm Adrenaline Amusements on their cover for November. In that article, it discusses their beginnings with the videmption game Kaboom! and goes up to their next big thing, Crazy Tower. From the article as published online:

Francois hinted at several new items they’ll be bringing, including a new game called Crazy Towers. This four-player, “holographic” game is an original from Adrenaline that challenges players to build the tallest tower possible, winning more tickets the higher they go.

It will be interesting to see if this is going to be true holograms like we have recently covered (I also found out about an alternate holographic display tech that I need to finish writing about) or if it will involve transparent LCDs. Judging by the cabinet design however, it appears at this point that it may indeed use some sort of volumetric display. The large marquee above and the pyramid shaped display case seem to indicate equipment needed for volumetric displays.

If that is the case then it would be another groundbreaking game from Adrenaline, who introduced transparent LCD multi-touchscreens to our industry with Black Out. Granted, it could use psuedo-holograms like Sega did with the Holosseum. We’ll know soon enough!


Shooty Skies Arcade by Adrenaline Amusements

(Thanks to Jdevy for the tip on this one)

A short time ago, an eagle eyed reader spotted a very brief glimpse of a new game on test in Canada in a video that was focused on other things. It was obviously the popular Shooty Skies mobile game in an arcade form and it was at an arcade that is in the backyard of Adrenaline Amusements.  Their most recent releases include Crossy Road Arcade and Snakey Tickets; the Shooty Skies cabinet appeared to be using a reskinned Crossy Road.

Well thanks to this video at the 5:10 mark, a user films himself playing Shooty Skies Arcade. They don’t show the control panel but from the looks of it, the game auto-fires for the player so all you have to do is aim and dodge:

While not mentioned in the Replay article above, I do expect to see this one at IAAPA 2016.

Launch Code by Team Play

Fishbowl Frenzy was one of the most popular videmption games released in the past few years. Using Mixed Reality with a transparent display and plastic pegs, it sold pretty well. Now the developer Team Play is coming back to a similar concept, now with an alien/sci-fi theme. Called Launch Code, you try and drop balls into the targets below. It also uses a transparent LCD in front of the mechanical devices that the users plays the game with. From a release that Replay Magazine mailed out recently:

In the new piece, players attempt to drop four balls into targets in the game, advancing the star-ward bound progress of Launch Code’s lovable, in-game alien character: Codey. On-screen animations, vibrant LED lights and upbeat sounds and music keep the game interesting and make it stand out in the ticket redemption universe.

The factory says Launch Code allows players “100 percent skill play” as they attempt at buckets of tickets. A giant 65″ monitor and the game’s HD graphics enhance the mechanical aspects of the game, while a wide range of operator adjustments (including the ability to set the game to “winner every time”) allows control over ticket dispensing. Team Play also says the game features fast-loading technology to create “zero wait times between games.”

The game has been seen out on test in the US (assuming IL since that is where Team Play is located).

Here is the flyer, click to enlarge:




That’s all for the moment. From the looks of it, the only game that might work as an amusement only title is Shooty Skies.  I imagine there will be some other unannounced titles we’ll come across at IAAPA 2016 so stay tuned to AH for news!

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  1. arcades4ever November 4, 2016 at 3:07 pm - Reply

    Didn’t know shooty skies was on test. I thought it was already released because I saw it weeks ago in Hollywood bowl bowling alley in Leeds. The layout and cabinet is similar to that of the two player flappy bird clone (forget the name) and has a joystick in the middle. Didn’t play it though as I found it too low and having to bend down which obviously this game is targeting children making it acessable more to them rather than the adults.

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