AAMA Gala News: Fly O’Clock; Pop The Lock

arcadehero September 16, 2016 0
AAMA Gala News: Fly O’Clock; Pop The Lock

Continuing with a little more coverage of the AAMA Gala, here is a some news on new videmption pieces that were on display. Contrary to my expectations (based on past Gala events), Adrenaline did not have Shooty Skies there. I also was told some major news on Sega’s next game however all I received was a name – I would rather have a little more info before spilling the beans so be patient. What I can say for now is that IAAPA is going to make some big waves.

A couple of other companies did show off some videmption pieces at the Gala so lets get to it:

Videmption at the AAMA Gala

Fly O’Clock (Barron Games/Magic Play) – After teaming up to create a videmption/video game on Timberman, Magic Play and Barron Games are partnering to bring another popular app to arcades with Digital Melody’s Fly O’Clock.  This is a simple one button game where you play a fly that has to avoid touching the moving clock hands on the wrist-watch. As you can see, the cabinet has a unique clock-like presentation to attract players and works for two players. Trailer from the mobile version after the pic:


Pop The Lock (Baytek Games) – Baytek has been on quite the game testing spree as of late. While we have reported on new sightings, few of the games seem to make it past testing as we never see them again.

One of those games that was spotted in a photo a few months ago is called Pop The Lock and it did make an appearance at the AAMA Gala. My source only confirmed that and we did not receive any photos.

In doing some additional research, it appears that this also is a mobile port of a game by the same name that is available on iOS/Android. It is also a single button game. First, the only picture we have of the game then the mobile trailer. It is the game on the left and appears to share a similar cabinet design to Fly O’Clock:


That’s it for now, if there is anything else then I’ll be sure to update the site! Which of the announced games are you looking forward to?

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