Two New Videmption Games: Strings & Red Light Green Light

arcadehero January 19, 2016 1

(Thanks to JDevy for the tip)

There are always new amusement games in development somewhere out there and today we have a look at two titles of the videmption persuasion: Strings and Red Light Green Light. The tipster is stating that the titles are from Baytek Games, which would make sense given that the place where we are seeing these photos is from Baytek’s backyard of Wisconsin. According to the Google link, these pictures were taken in November 2015 at the Badger Sports Park. Since you can look around the location, you’ll notice that there are a large number of Baytek products on hand.


Assuming that Baytek is the developer here, it looks like they are going with another music/rhythm game after the success of their Grand Piano Keys game. Strings uses a cello style cabinet and it appears that the user has to touch the bars at certain points when the notes fall. Land as many consecutive strings to get the high score and reach the jackpot; miss a string, it is game over. Granted, this is an assumption as we only have these pictures to go off of for the moment.



Red Light Green Light

For the other game, this plays off of a children’s game where everyone stops when “RED LIGHT!” is yelled, they run around when “GREEN LIGHT!” is yelled. Judging by the cabinet design, it uses a trackball to control the action and both a video display and some sort of tall and narrow score/goal indicator that brings to mind a theme park hammer pounder. The higher you get on that scale, the more tickets that you win.


If these have done well on test then there is a good chance we will see these at Amusement Expo in March. In the meantime, I have added them to our videmption games list for New Releases. What do you think about them from this little info so far?

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  1. Jdevy January 19, 2016 at 3:39 pm - Reply

    UPDATE: At the moment: Strings is still at the game room but Red Light Green light was taken out.

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