Newsbytes: Skycurser; Soul Reverse Arcade; Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots Arcade

arcadehero November 26, 2016 0
Newsbytes: Skycurser; Soul Reverse Arcade; Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots Arcade

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If you are new to the site, welcome. Thanks for following us for your arcade news. The Newsbytes posts are generally something we run on Saturday to compile quick arcade news from the week that we might have missed or may not have warranted a full post by itself. For stories ran on the site this week:

New Arcades: Kongs of Kings (UK); Soda Parlor (TN); D&B (MD)

IAAPA 2016 Part #3: Gun Games; Rhythm Games

IAAPA 2016 Part #4: Pinball; Videmption

And in other news:

Indie Arcade Title Skycurser Receives A Major Update

We’ve been watching Skycurser for a while now, made easier by the fact that I have one operating in my facility. They recently sent out WiFi adapters to make it easier to keep the game up-to-date and the first update sent via this method came along this week. While it did not add a new level to the game, the re-balancing, bug fixes and additions to the core software were significant. That includes a revamped scoring system, EX attacks, food pickups and graphical touch-ups. With each update it is feeling like a more complete game so if you have played it before, go out and give it a new try:

The latest Edition of Pinball Magazine Is Available For Order

Looking for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Arcade In The US? Go To The Bay Area:

More Daytona 3 Footage

Since demand from IAAPA has been highest coming from Daytona 3, here’s the last bit of footage I uploaded that wasn’t included in the original hands-on. I will have more footage of this and a couple of other IAAPA games within the next month or two 🙂

Sega Bringing Their Mobile RPG Soul Reverse To Japanese Arcades

While there’s the small possibility that this will show up on US shores at certain locations, I wouldn’t pin my hopes on it. If RPGs were a safe bet in this business, then we would see many more of them. Even in Japan the numbers of Arcade RPGs has dwindled in recent years as fighting & rhythm games have been strong. That said, all it takes is the right concept with properly implemented elements so perhaps Soul Reverse is the ticket. Sega has also handled MOBA type games over in Japan with Wonderland Wars (although I have yet to hear about that one making its way over here). The official site for the game can be found here.

NESiCAxLIVe Library Gets Dumped To PC

Not because Taito or game centers wanted it of course but thanks to that eternal battle between pirates, scammers and creators. This also marks the issue of using off-the-shelf PC hardware and joystick games but it’s a risk that generally hasn’t been too big of an issue. I’m sure that Taito knew that someone was working to make this happen which is behind the push for NESiCAxLIVe 2 next year, where the security measures will be increased again in the attempt to ward of the public game dumps. Here’s one title from the present dump:

Rock ‘Em Sock’Em Robots By Dave & Busters

(Thanks to Jdevy for the tip) – I’ve heard about this one for a while and while at IAAPA it was confirmed to me that Dave & Busters has developed this as a part of their internal efforts to create new arcade products. The other is one we’ve covered recently, the Tailgate Toss redemption game. In this video, you see the giant boxing robots in action at the Orlando D&B (too bad I wasn’t able to stop by this time and see this in person) :

Being pressed for time, I’m going to have to leave Name That Game for next week. Have a great weekend!


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