New Trailers For Alien Pinball: Jonesy Mode & Ambush Multiball

arcadehero December 23, 2016 0
New Trailers For Alien Pinball: Jonesy Mode & Ambush Multiball

As expected, news has been a little slow in the IAAPA 2016 afterglow/run-up to Christmas. Fortunately there are still some new things to talk about so let’s take a look at some updates for Heighway Pinball’s second game, Alien.


Alien Pinball Jonesy Mode Trailer

We recently reported that Heighway Pinball is actively producing Alien Pinball units, with an eye on a January 2017 release. In the hype run up to that, they have been releasing some new media. The focus so far has been on a specific game mode based on the hunt for Ripley’s cat, Jonesy. By the description, you are supposed to hit the right targets to find the cat while avoiding the Alien. That’s a fun twist on the otherwise frustrating task of chasing a cat 😛

Ambush Multiball

In a trailer released today, the company highlights one of the multiball modes, ‘Ambush’. Here you not only have to manage the multiball, you have to hit the lit targets before the Aliens come too close and ‘kill’ you. They were also stating that the airlock toy was going to change somehow but so far I have not seen that (they were waiting on approval from Fox):

UPDATE: Last night, Heighway unveiled some changes to the Airlock toy that is located in the upper left area of the playfield. Now instead of a toy Alien Queen inside of the airlock, it uses a 5″ LCD screen to shown an animated queen. They did make sure to point out that what is pictured isn’t final (the lighting and the black bars will be adjusted, the latter so that it isn’t visible)

As mentioned, this game will begin shipping out in January in both dedicated and kit forms (kits for the Full Throttle units that are out there). What do you think about the modes shown so far?

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