Newsbytes: Lots of Pinball; Skycurser Release; North Korea Arcade

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Newsbytes: Lots of Pinball; Skycurser Release; North Korea Arcade

Welcome to Newsbytes, a quick collection of arcade & pinball news stories to round out your weekend. I’m in a wee bit of a rush so apologies that additional details are scant this round; I’m also going to have to skip the homebrew arcade-to-console showcase. For everything else, let’s go:

Aerosmith Pinball Promo Trailer

Stern’s latest game is soaking up attention right now as units should be finding their way out into the wild any time now. As a part of the game’s promotion, Stern released this trailer for the game. Check it out:

Alien Pinball Debut

Thanks to Toby for the tip on this one. If you are looking for Heighway Pinball’s latest release Alien, the game will make a public debut at the Four Quarters Bar on April 2nd.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! & The Walking Dead Pinball Go Color

ColorDMD has also announced their latest colorization effort, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!. I can’t recall if we also mentioned Stern’s The Walking Dead getting colorized so we’ll throw that in too.

Skycurser Podcast Reveals The Launch Date & Final  Features

I’ll not spoil it here, just say that it’s in a few weeks 😉

The North Korean Arcade Gets An Upgrade

Way back in 2008, we covered the existence of what appears to be the only place in North Korea that allows arcade games to be played. Well fast forward to almost a decade later and the facility still exists – now with an upgrade to the games. We’ve covered many of the titles here, although they seem to have come through a Chinese distributor. Several are from UNIS, InJoy Motion and there is a Terminator Salvation from Raw Thrills…for some of the other games we’ve seen them at Chinese shows but identifying those is often difficult. Here’s the video…prepare for some weirdness:

That’s it for now – have a great weekend!


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