Location Watch: Coin-Op Game Room (CA); Strike Zone Entertainment Center (FL); 2 New Dave & Busters (GA, LA)

arcadehero May 24, 2017 2

Who is ready for another round of new arcade location news? I knew you were.

4th Coin-Op Game Room Coming To The Gaslamp Bar – San Diego, CA

(Thanks to TJ for correcting me on the number of Coin-Op Game Room locations there are; this will be the 4th, not the 3rd)

Opening their 4th location overall and second in San Diego, the Coin-Op Game Room is expanding their business with the latest location opening up sometime by the end of this Summer. Replacing a sports bar that had been there since 2015, the revamped bar/arcade will feature around 50 video games from the 80s & 90s, touching on many classics that patrons will know and love. Thanks to Toby for sending this our way.

Coin-Op Game Room bar/arcade

A Coin-Op Game Room location

Strike Zone Entertainment Center – Sebastian, FL

Over in Eastern Florida, a new FEC has opened their doors by the name of Strike Zone Entertainment Center. As the name implies, they have a strong focus on bowling although as a part of that they have arcade games to enjoy. By the pictures I see newer products on hand – Batman (Raw Thrills); 2x Dead Heat; Fruit Ninja FX2 (videmption); Jurassic Park (Raw Thrills); Pirates Hook (4p, videmption); Pop The Lock (videmption); 2x Super Bikes 2; Temple Run 2(videmption); Termination Salvation; Transformers: Human Alliance (Deluxe); Typhoon and plenty of redemption pieces and cranes. Check them out on Facebook here.

Two New Dave & Busters Locations – New Orleans, LA; Alpharetta, GA

With Summer about to start, D&B has opened the doors to two new locations. As always we can assume that the game selection follows the D&B purchasing pattern with a few variations when it comes to some of the older games. If you’re looking for new stuff though, either location will certainly give you what you want.

Parody News: The All Big Buck Hunter Bar In CO

I saw Raw Thrills retweet this story of a bar opening in CO that has nothing but Big Buck machines setup inside. It sounded odd and sure enough, ‘Killpad’ is a parody site that is trying to be like The Onion. The idea is worth a chuckle but if their other stories are written in the same way, the quality of said writing leaves something to be desired. Such as being funny.

(Repetition can be funny when used properly but it is more effective in a visual/audio medium than it is in writing since you can’t control the timing of the reader. If anything, it is painfully obvious that they are trying to please the SEO requirements that their site software is using; i.e. you are supposed to have a min. number of words in the post; make sure the title of the page has a nice length; repeat the keyword a certain number of times so that Google will place you higher in search results than those other guys; etc. Comedy isn’t very fun when you only expect algorithms to read your content and not actual people. BTW – did I make sure to mention the word LOCATION enough in this post? Better go back and lard it up!)


  1. Tedward May 25, 2017 at 2:15 pm - Reply

    I’ve just been alerted to this by a mate- but the first Daytona Championship USA in the UK has been spotted today. It’s in Pleasureland Amusements, Whitby, and as if by chance I’m going on holiday there this weekend! Is it okay if I give you some pics or something?

    • arcadehero May 30, 2017 at 1:55 pm - Reply

      Sure, that would be fine by us!

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