Sega Opens Pre-Orders For Let’s Go Island Dream Edition Conversion Kits

arcadehero June 15, 2017 0
Sega Opens Pre-Orders For Let’s Go Island Dream Edition Conversion Kits

Here’s something you don’t hear coming from major manufacturers too often these days – a new conversion kit is coming soon!

Dream Raiders To Let’s Go Island Conversion

Back in 2012, Sega released the arcade exclusive casual shooting title Dream Raiders to arcades. It was designed to be like an interactive ride, competing with the likes of the extremely popular Typhoon motion systems (it was cheaper and interactive than those). That meant it used a 55″ screen, a motion seat, wind effects and mounted guns to shoot at targets in the game.

Fast forward to today and Sega has re-released their 2011 shooting game Let’s Go Island in the Dream Raiders cabinet, calling it Dream Edition. Dedicated units have been available for a few months but today a surprise came along with Sega announcing that conversion kits to upgrade Dream Raiders are now available.

This is a surprise as kits have become something of a rarity in our industry over the past few years. Not so much from indie developers but certainly from the ‘big three’ manufacturers.

By the announcement, kits are easy to install, involving a software disk (both games use Sega’s Ringwide hardware), security key, 5x plastic mouldings and a decal set. Once installed, voila, new game.

You can pre-order the kit through your preferred Sega distributor today.

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