NG:DEVTEAM Shows Off New Kraut Buster Footage

arcadehero October 4, 2017 1
NG:DEVTEAM Shows Off New Kraut Buster Footage

It has been a while (over a year) since we heard about the next video game destined for the NeoGeo MVS, Kraut Buster. Designed by MVS experts NG: DEVTEAM in Germany, we first heard about this title at the beginning of 2015. Inspired by the likes of Metal Slug and Contra, a run ‘n gun game like this takes a lot of work to put together.

As such, I am not surprised that it has taken a while for news to come along for it but I am happy to have a new update to chew on. This new video shows the game in “C-Mode”, designed to play more like Konami’s Contra than SNK’s Metal Slug – faster pacing & action as NG describes in the video description:

The C-MODE mode changes the gameplay to a faster more action and running and crushing oriented gameplay. With less stops, less energy for enemies and less bullet sponges. Masks and treasures/collectable/secrets are removed in C-MODE to keep this mode as clutter free as possible. The player’s knife attack is also disabled to keep the gunning flow. To compensate the “simplicity” of this mode we also added a fast kill score system additional to the timed chain system to increase long time appeal of the C-MODE.

For full details on what has been going on with the game, click on this link (takes you to a post on their Facebook page). They are currently aiming for the base game to be completed by December/January but are also asking if customers want them to finish it sooner or keep taking their time. I personally think that it is best for them to wait – from that post it sounds like it will only delay it an extra month. Might as well give it that last bit of polish before shipping.

Here’s Video #4; content warning for old school 90’s blood splatter. They really have put together quite the beautiful looking game…especially when you consider that this hardware was launched in 1990. Long live 2D!

What do you think of Kraut Buster from what you’ve seen so far? This will be available for the Neo Geo AES home console as well as MVS arcade machines.

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  1. arcadezero October 5, 2017 at 9:47 pm - Reply

    KrautBuster C-mode still can’t quite shake the Metal Slug in it.

    Contra wouldn’t let you use grenades(the closest you had was a spiral flame gun), and the bullet sponges judging by the video are still present(tanks, planes, choppers, etc.)

    The games really hard as is. I couldn’t help but wonder I saw enemy tanks but do players ever get tanks of their own? You know Metal Slug style?

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