Injustice Arcade Added To The Raw Thrills Website

arcadehero November 7, 2017 0
Injustice Arcade Added To The Raw Thrills Website

This is a brief post but from what I see out in other gaming blog circles, they do quick stuff like this all the time 😉

While doing some research on another new game today, I visited the Raw Thrills website and noticed that their Injustice Arcade game has been added to their games list. The page itself appears to be somewhat of a placeholder as there isn’t much information shown at this point but that will change.

Injustice Arcade standard model by Raw ThrillsIn addition to this cabinet image above, they have a few screenshots, here’s one of them:

Injustice Arcade

One new piece of information we have learned however is that the game will be available for all locations in two styles: Standard (43″ monitor) and Deluxe (55″). Previously the 55″ was just going to be a Dave & Busters exclusive but that has changed. An IAAPA 2017 ad for the game also shows dimensions & details for both. The Deluxe has a more “Justice League” style marquee without explicitly saying so, as you can see from the ad:

Injustice Arcade IAAPA adInjustice Arcade will be at IAAPA 2017 exactly a week from today. Stay tuned for impressions and video!


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