Adrenaline Amusements To Launch Two New Ubisoft Rabbids Themed Games In Jan. 2018

arcadehero November 11, 2017 0
Adrenaline Amusements To Launch Two New Ubisoft Rabbids Themed Games In Jan. 2018

While researching information for an IAAPA 2017 preview post, I came across a little surprise over at the Adrenaline Amusements website. It turns out that LAI Games will not be the only ones showing off a brand new arcade product that stars the Rabbids characters that are designed and owned by Ubisoft. Adrenaline has two games headed to market starring the creatures, both slated for a launch in January 2018.

Rabbids Ticket Fiesta

Rabbids Ticket Fiesta by Adrenaline Amusements

First off is Rabbids Ticket Fiesta, which looks like has adapted the multiplayer party game format that the Rabbids generally star in for arcade use. (As a note, I’ve not played any of the Rabbids game titles so I’m not sure which of the various party games this port comes from). The description on the website is fairly brief:

Rabbids are visiting a small South American town during the Day of the Dead celebrations, and they are messing around like locos! Enjoy a series of 5 exhilarating mini games and compete against your friends as you try to stack the highest scores and get all the tickets.

The colored plunger controllers appear to just work like large arcade buttons; I imagine that each game involves good timing and a lot of button mashing. As a note, both the description and the brochure say that there are five mini-games while the website might have a typo that mentions six…

Rabbids Hollywood

Rabbids Hollywood arcade game by Adrenaline Amusements

As a bigger surprise, the second Rabbids game they have is called Rabbids Hollywood and while also a four player game, is a light-gun shooter. The last 4-palyer light-gun game that comes to my mind (apart from Gunslinger Stratos…thinking 4p on one screen here) was the bizarre Gaia Attack 4 by Gamewax & Taito. They also go really big on the screen, sporting a single 120″ display. Big games are the order of the day it seems:

Are you a sharp shooter? Compete with buddies to stop the Rabbids invasion of Hollywood. Shoot all the crazy creatures during a four-player adventure and explore 3 different movie sets. Warning: comes with edgy humor and never-ending fun!

While Adrenaline normally places their focus on ticket redemption/videmption, I notice that tickets aren’t specifically mentioned on the page. I’ve heard of other operators out there apart from myself that have bought games that were designed for videmption but shut that off and run it as a straight video game. That said, I would be surprised if it wasn’t at least an option in this case. We’ll know for sure in just a couple of days!

What are your thoughts about these new arcade game announcements? Stay tuned for the IAAPA 2017 preview post, coming later today!

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