Buckzilla Coming To Big Buck Wild Arcade Machines May 1st

arcadehero March 23, 2018 3

At least year’s Big Buck World Championships, a trailer was shown that showcased a major new update headed for the game come 2018. The trailer was not posted online and word about it has since been light – until today.

Play Mechanix has revealed that the new update will be rolling out to online connected Big Buck Wild machines on May 1st – about a month and a half from now. Let’s share what we’ve got from the official line and go from there:

The wait is nearly over! WILD NEW content is taking over ONLINE Big Buck HD units around the world on MAY 1ST, 2018!
Venture to an undiscovered island full of mysterious and ferocious beasts – and steady your hands as you take aim at NEW sites, NEW animals, and NEW bonus games! 
When the clock strikes midnight on May 1st, 2018, players around the world will embark on a WILD new adventure! But nothing can prepare them for the horrors they’ll encounter in this strange new land.
Find an ONLINE Big Buck HD near you – and lock and load! If you dare…

This “wild new adventure” focuses on a new creature called the Buckzilla. There was some info about In Case Of Monsters: Lost Island but it was requested that it be removed for the time being.

Buckzilla LogoThis official poster also mentions Buckzilla, “It’s Hunt Or Be Hunted!” and “Prehistoric Proportions” – by all of that, it sounds like this is a big update that will greatly expand on the Irish Elk stage that was added to the game a few years ago. I’m also guessing that the “Buck-O-Vision” might be a special grain filter over the graphics to give the sub-game a distinct look from the rest (judging by how these two images have been presented).


Buckzilla Poster, Big Buck Wild

What do you think from what we know about this Lost Island update so far? Any expectations you would also like to share?


  1. Federico Enrique Read March 23, 2018 at 3:09 pm - Reply

    They were trying really hard to cover this up to the point that they censored it on the Twitch stream and replaced it with a Player Spotlight instead. I was the only person who recorded the trailer at the event, and I posted the raw footage on YouTube just a few weeks ago.

    From what I’m reading, it seems like a story may be integrated into this Adventure? I’m not sure I would put it in the category of Premium Content like the Zombie game or the Duck Dynasty game (especially because there are new Bonus Games too, but then again DD had that), but the “In Case Of Monsters” label is making me hesitant to classify it as just another main Adventure being implemented.

    Usually they include several animals in updates like this that are separated into annual releases. I expect to see a few new ones (Maybe they will revive some old animals too?) coming out a few years down the line.

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