Sega Unleashes An ATV Slam Trailer

Shaggy January 2, 2019 2
Sega Unleashes An ATV Slam Trailer

Back in October of last year (2018, of course 😉 ), Sega Amusements unveiled a brand new racing arcade game to the world, ATV Slam. Unfortunately, the game did not make an appearance at the IAAPA 2018 trade show as originally stated, but it was not cancelled. Just, held back for additional improvements.

Today, the company is starting 2019 off with a bang, providing us our first look of the game in action. This trailer has less than 30 seconds of game footage, but plenty can be gleaned from this. Let’s watch, then analyze.

To regurgitate some of the game stats from the original unveil post (in case you don’t want to click), this game is powered by Unreal Engine 4, uses a 47″ 1080p screen, features a “custom built air cylinder motion platform” that is atop a realistic ATV/quad-controller seat. This is further enhanced with wind effects generated from the front panel. The software features “ten exotic environments” & five different vehicles with unique properties, with a “Unique Artificial Intelligence” system to further help gameplay. Yes, this game is also exclusive to arcades.

By the trailer, this seems to capture everything you’d want from an off-road arcade racer – it’s fast, there are plenty of jumps and things to crash through (that don’t hinder your speed). The UE4 engine certainly provides for realistic effects and Sega has put a bit of work into the environments. There are power-ups along the track, giving it a tiny bit of a “Mario Kart” feel, although it isn’t clear what those do at this point.

While we do not know the release date for ATV Slam yet, I think it's safe to say that it will show up at EAG 2019 in London, UK in just a few weeks. We'll certainly like to hear your impressions of how it plays in person from that event!


  1. Da Flex January 2, 2019 at 1:25 pm - Reply

    SEGA has to work efficient, and this could be the (different themed) arcade adaption of the upcoming “Team Sonic Racing”. I like fun racers. Combined with good mechanics it should work very well for many people.

  2. uk arcades January 8, 2019 at 5:21 am - Reply

    nice 1 sega are on point again 🙂 great too see more racers from them,
    looks gr8 got atv quads , fast paced visuals and mk items :L
    also outrun3 is a must now .

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