Reboot of Centipede Launches With Centipede Chaos

arcadehero June 13, 2019 0
Reboot of Centipede Launches With Centipede Chaos

I’ve posted more than a few videos about the reboot of Atari’s Centipede, Centipede Chaos, by Play Mechanix & ICE, but now it’s time for ICE to show off their own sales trailer as the game beings shipping out into the world(which is also confirmed with the press release here; PDF attached). Here’s that, then a little analysis:

By taking a closer look, you can see that the production version of the game has a slightly different cabinet, with a smaller monitor bezel (same size of monitor) and a smaller marquee than what we had seen since Amusement Expo. Grabbing a cabinet image from the official game page, let’s compare with an older image I have:

As mentioned in the previous post about this game, it does come with an Amusement Mode, so locations that don’t  want to (or can’t) use tickets can still feature the game but in more of a classic way. Still, it is unfortunate that it uses joysticks instead of trackballs – I wonder who will be the first to take the plunge into attempting a mod.

In case you missed it, here’s a boss trailer that I uploaded a short time ago:

Centipede Chaos should first be found at Dave & Busters locations, although they do not have an exclusive on this one, so you’ll be able to find it elsewhere (or grab one for your own place) here before too long.

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What do you think of this one by all of the info out there? Have you had a chance to play it yet?


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