Newsbytes: Honest Samurai Showdown Trailer; Fozzy Football & Other Arcade Fun

arcadehero July 13, 2019 0
Newsbytes: Honest Samurai Showdown Trailer; Fozzy Football & Other Arcade Fun

Hello fellow Heroes, I trust that you had a good week. Here’s another collection of quick arcade news items, although before starting with the headlines, Atari Games’ Area 51 has been enjoying a bit of attention this week thanks to the wacky plan of some people to “storm” the infamous military base in Nevada. If you really want to know what happened there in 1995, go and find an Area 51 machine!

Ok, onto the more important news:

Honest Trailers Tackles The New Samurai Shodown

Start your weekend off with a laugh! I have a hunch that whoever wrote this isn’t a big fan of Samurai Shodown’s game mechanics. 😛 This game is coming soon to Japanese arcades (and I believe Round1USA) which is why I can put it here…content warning for virtual blood if that’s not your thing:

Fozzy Football Launches

I missed this last week, so my apologies about that. You might recall that back in May we reported on an innovation in the field of shuffleboard by the name of Fozzy Football. The game has now launched to the public with an open test, and you can see the positive reaction & thoughts from a variety of players in this video promo below. I wonder if this will be at an amusement trade show in the near future 😉

Arcade Festivities – Open Air Arcade in Italy; Games At The Southern Fried Gaming Expo

With summer in it’s full, roasting glory across the northern hemisphere right now, there are plenty of events that bring players out to enjoy some arcade gaming goodness. Earlier today I posted about the Coca-Cola X Stranger Things pop-up arcade in London, but that’s not the only place you’ve been able to experience the joys of coin-op.

Arcade Blogger: Open Air Arcade! Arzignano, Italy <-Impressive “town square” celebration of the classics in their “real” form.

Southern Fried Gaming Expo is in full swing in Atlanta, GA this weekend too. If you’re in the area, don’t miss out!

Or if you prefer to see things in motion:

Ninja Trainer Arcade Begins Testing In Japan

Mentioned a few weeks ago, Sega has begun to test Ninja Trainer Arcade in Japan. I think it would great to see this one come West, looks like a fun alternative to darts.

Mazaria Coverage Coming To The Stinger Report

Just a little tease from our friend Kevin Williams in regards to the first use the of the Oculus Quest in a commercial public play environment. I have to imagine that eventually Bandai Namco will bring Pac-Man Challenge to their VR Zone pop-up arcades here in the West

CarnEvil History

I hope to see more of this soon. CarnEvil artist Scott Pikulski has been posting some original sketches to the Facebook group CarnEvil: The Greatest Show Unearthed, one of which shows an unused “clown thug” character. What would you like to see from the game’s development era?

Move Over Axe Throwing & Zip Lines…Hello Human Cranes?

At least if you drop all of the plush before you get to the goal, you can only blame yourself. (Sound warning on this, as the song wants to blow out the speakers). Thanks to Kevin Williams for sharing this one.

That’s all I could fine for today – happy gaming this weekend!

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