Touch Magix Reveals 3 New Titles To Debut At IAAPA 2019

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Touch Magix Reveals 3 New Titles To Debut At IAAPA 2019

Welcome to November, which means that the trade show known as IAAPA Expo is almost upon us (Nov. 19th-22nd in case you need a refresher). As such, you can expect plenty of posts that will be offering a preview of what to expect, along with a post & vlog giving you a complete look at what we know or expect to be there.

For the first preview of the month, we have Touch Magix (they are an advertiser of the site here, but did not pay for this post, as a disclaimer). The company has come a long way in the business since they first debuted their Magix Floor system in 2016, and with this IAAPA they are boosting their game repertoire by three with these original videmption titles: Drift ‘N’ Thrift, Space Warp 66, and Carnival Cups. Let’s take a quick look at each:

Drift ‘N’ Thrift

Capitalizing on the ever popular motorsport of drifting, Drift ‘N’ Thrift is Touch Magix’s first racing game. Avoid getting caught by the police while collecting gold bars, cash and other items with the goal of reaching that valued ticket bonus. This one uses a 43″ monitor and has a steering wheel, but keeping things simple, there is no gas/brake.

Spacewarp 66

Next up is a title that goes to outer space, putting the player in control of an alien saucer. The “66” in the title comes from the number of rings that you need to pass without  touching them. This one features a spinner controller and also has a 43″ monitor, but they use a bezel to make it appear to be a circular monitor. Staying true to the redemption focused game play, the flyer for this one touts the 30 second average game time (which to be fair, comparing to other redemption games like quick coin titles, is almost 30 times as long as those :p).

Carnival Cups

And for title #3, we have a midway-themed game with the old “Find the Ball” cup game virtualized. The on screen carny will place a ball under a cup, then shuffle the cups around. The player uses the arrow buttons to select which cup they think that the ball is under once he stops. Again, pretty simple stuff that knows it’s audience. One thing that does make this different from most of Touch Magix’s games is that it supports 1-2 players.

Carnival Cups by Touch Magix

Per Touch Magix, all three of these games will be ready for operators to buy at IAAPA 2019, meaning that these are in production right now. If you’re interested in any of them, you can contact one of the distributors seen at the bottom of the flyers.

From the info above, what do you think about Touch Magix’s latest games?

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