Ricky & Morty Pinball Now Available For Purchase

arcadehero December 16, 2019 2

It wasn’t very long ago that we found out that boutique pinball maker Spooky Pinball would have the mature cartoon series Rick & Morty up for their next pinball theme, and today, the game is available for purchase. Per this post on their Facebook page, all but one of Spooky’s distributors have sold out already, but you can buy direct from them too. UPDATE: All LE units are sold out. No idea on the Blood Sucker version and if they’ll want to fulfill demand.

That release info was initially unveiled as a part of their game unveil that showed up yesterday, but was removed a few moments ago and reposted with the video below:

This morning they also posted this more in-depth look at the features:

The LE version of the game will be limited to 750 machines and features plenty of objects and game features that should please R&M fans. It’s hard to judge how it feels just by watching these, although it appears to have a pretty good flow from the way that the ramps are setup. I also like the lower left scoop eject above the lane, and the white numerical LED display between the flippers.  One thing I don’t know about though is a pop-bumper in place of a standard bumper above the left flipper.

There are two editions available – the LE and the “Blood Sucker Edition.” More info is also found on the game’s flyer:

Rick & Morty Pinball Flyer

Rick & Morty Pinball flyer back

What do you think about this new Rick & Morty romp from all of the info released?

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